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August payment

August 21st, 2006 at 06:23 am

$383.76 OUCH! I have about $120 worth of unplanned or overspending on it. I have about $200 budgeted for this card. I only use it because it's a loan on a monthly basis which I always pay off. But as time goes by, with all the mistakes we've made, I'm thinking I should banish this card for good- over time. My reasoning to use it was for the rewards. See! The powerful marketing/advertising tools! I have to spend money to get rewards (just like coupons).

The Amex has been gradually decreasing on the whole. So each month I'll post our balance and you can help cheer me on to get this off my back!

New Resolve 8/21

August 21st, 2006 at 06:18 am

I have new resolve as the ripples die down (from my U.F.Os post). I have decided to bare all (post my financial progress) and to give plasma for an extra $200 a month toward our financial goals. That is why I've added the catergories: Amex, Capital One, Citi Card, Target, Savings and Jasmin's 529.
Each week I'll put my $25 plasma earned dollars toward paying down the debt and saving for the future, not forgetting to plan for the "unplanned".

I am waiting for my PERA refund check to come in the mail. I'm guessing that it will be $1000. I'm going to pay back my BIL his $200, pay off SearsCard $445 for the tires for the "new" car, and pay down the Capital One with the rest. DH thinks we're going to pocket a portion. NOT!