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Grocery Store Revelation!

August 31st, 2006 at 08:11 am

Last night I went to the local King Soopers to pick up a few things for dinner after my interview.

I was very good. I stuck to what I needed and whatever I "had" to pick up (because of sale prices). I bought bologna (99cents) and wheat bread (89cents) for dh's lunches. (Why do people prefer junky bologna over honey ham?) LOL

I noticed that the 73/27 ground meat was on sale for 99cents a pound- I bought three. Each time I see this sale, I buy three because the regular price is about $2.25 for one, and I figure if I "spend" as much as I would have w/o the sale, I'll go longer on sale priced meat w/o going over my normal budget. Plus, I've been cutting down our red meat consumption. ($2.97)

I also found some cut beef for half off way off in a different area than the "non-sale" meat. I spent $1.57 for meat I used to make Korean beef & lettuce "presents" for dinner.

(Marinate the beef & cut in bite size pieces. Serve wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves with scrambled egg slivers, asian hotsauce, "sushi" style rice and cucumber slices. It's a hit every time! Last night I made my cucumber salad w/melon- it was sweet and tangy and crunchy. Yum!)

I bought a pound of sourcream (by hubby request as homemade yogurt is a suffice substitute) for 99cents and 33% off.

Here's the revelation: as with ground beef sales, the fat content does not constitute a better buy. It turns out that you spend nearly twice as much for two ounces more meat. WELL- same with the eggs! It was the first time that I realized the price discrepancy. Choose between a dozen medium eggs (22oz @ 66cents) vs. a dozen large eggs (24oz @ $1.21). Again, you would be paying double for only 2 more ounces! So I did what any frugal/tightwad/cheapskate would do- I bought the mediums! (66cents!)

All together I spent under $8 including sale ground meat that I had not "planned" on buying.

Next time, try the medium eggs, alright? (wink)

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