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Cash Friendship ~ reject the credit!

August 26th, 2006 at 02:06 pm

I was repelled from making a purchase today because I realized that I couldn't even use my bank card. At first I was mad, but then I realized that they did me a favor. It didn't matter that I wasn't going to spend more than $10, or that the prices were so good. The store was saying to me "Don't buy me without cash or else my deals are no longer deals!"

OMG! What a mental...break...through... hahaha

If I can program my mind to say they only accept cash and go to places that only accept cash- how much less would I spend?! Friends only take cash, right? They want you have money to enjoy their friendship and life. They don't want to put more debt on you.

So make your favorite stores, your "cash friends"! =)

1 Responses to “Cash Friendship ~ reject the credit!”

  1. spendless Says:

    Yep, cash is King.

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