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Debt Bustin' isn't always a Bonnie & Clyde Effort

August 19th, 2006 at 11:11 am

Now spending.... yeah, that's a team effort! Wahoo!!


I'm not saying that it's only the wives/women that head the debt busting crusade, or that it's just the men/husbands either. What's most common is that either or tend to be gung-ho and with varying success, get their mates to join the fight...even if just in theory.


Now fess up, how do you get your other half to pitch in? Do you have any tricks up your sleeves?

I'll go first...
* I doing my brand name to generic switches on the down low... mix the dry milk or water down the whole milk while he's not looking

* I hide money

* I hide the cell phone (since we downsized to one cell due to our uneven usage) so that we don't go over minutes

* I try to go grocery shopping w/o dh as he makes it more difficult to stay on "track".

* If he balks at not buying something or makes fun of me for doing something frugally gunghoe: I tell him how much I'm saving him in terms of cigarette packs...etc. whatever he desires most frequently

Now your turn to comment... what are you're tricks?

2 Responses to “Debt Bustin' isn't always a Bonnie & Clyde Effort”

  1. annab Says:

    I'm a single gal, but my mom told me that she used to sub the generic cereal into the premium boxes and we never knew the difference.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Keep an eye on the gas and electric. Especially when you have kids!

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