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Expensive Phone Plan Defeated!!!

August 16th, 2006 at 01:37 pm

Our phone bill has offically been downsized! We were paying for 2 $40 cell phone plans; mine had rollover minutes which didn't make sense. So now we have Skype for whoever is home (free calling out to N. America & purchased a phone number for $12 for 3 months or $38 for a year). And we got rid of DH's phone and downsized my phone to a $30 plus tax monthly plan.

Projected savings : DH's plan ($48) + My New Plan's discount ($10) - ($38/12= $3.17) for Skype = $55 per month!

$660 saved on our phones for a year!

*Plus* The virtually free Skype defrays a lot of the exorbitant cable internet charge of $30 a month. Or, you could say that the savings covers the $55 we pay for cable TV a month.

The alternative would be having a land line ($30 a month rather than the Skype which is $3 and change) and snail internet service.

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