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August 17th, 2006 at 09:32 am

Advertisements bomard us with ideas of what we need to buy. They say we need a distinct cleaner for every room and object. Your shampoo is only for hair. Baby products are advertised only for babies. They want you to buy more of their products, not face the truth and save money.

Fact is there are more "all-purpose" products out there without the corporate masks we associate with cleanliness, hygiene, whatever. Do they deserve our hard earned money?

Vinegar, Lemons, Baking Soda, ammonia, rubbing alcohol and bleach have been around a lot longer than commercials and did the just as well for cheap. What do you think that cave people used to survive? Did they die off because they didn't have Lysol?

Same goes for hygiene products. You can use shampoo as bodywash and for some light hand washing. Baby lotion is as good for the mother as the baby. Body lotion is good on *skin*, not excluding our face.

Don't *you* feel taken advantage of? Do you gripe about your underpaid job and yet stuff Procter & Gamble's (for example) pockets with *your* hard earned money?

True- we've been brainwashed. But now, it's up to you to keep your money.

2 Responses to “Brainwashed”

  1. annab Says:

    I've used dish soap as body soap (did it once by accident, but then kept doing it.) I've also used bar soap as shampoo, but I didn't like the result. Still, it got my hair clean, which was the point. Smile

  2. baselle Says:

    I've used shampoo for bubble bath - Suave @ .99.
    And you want to buy Proctor and Gamble stock, with the money you save from not buying Proctor and Gamble products.

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